Band Biography describes the band as “Melancholic
Gothic Doom, elegant and thoughtful, a post-romantic
musical inner-voyage through deep and tragic feelings.
Despondent, full of despair and yet organic and warm.”

    Founded in early 2009 in Sweden, Morito Ergo Sum was Paolo Cito’s
way of approaching escapism. The idea behind it was to elude the ever more
appealing embellishments in the current Doom scene: to make a dark and
depressive Doom Metal  without fading in the mass of bands out there. The
solution for that was to use a non-growler singer. Mixing the instrumental
heaviness with clean vocals, it was also decided that the band should have an
organic and old school sound, hence the use of a real violin player and no

    The name of the band means I die therefore I am in Latin, altered a bit to
resemble more Descartes’s statement (Cogito Ergo Sum).  

    After one year searching for the right musicians, Walter Basile joins the
band as the vocalist. Originally supposed to be the drummer, it was soon
discovered that Walter could also sing, and that his ghostly voice fits perfectly
in the band's concept.

Walter and Paolo shortly after the release of the first demo

 Under the spring 2010 old songs were re-written to fit Walter's voice, and new ones were composed. Two of these songs are then chosen to be recorded in the band's self produced first  demo, I die, therefore I am, that was released on 12 September 2010.

     The demo was extremely well received in the Doom Metal scene, and helped them find
more members for the band, namely, Pablo Magallanes (lead guitar) and Alexander Teklemariam (bass).

    The unsuccessful search for a drummer leads them to take the
decision to record their newer songs with Walter on both drums
and vocals. They also changed their bassist, bringing the highly
experienced Harry Virtanen to take care of the bass duties, and
started immediately to work on the new material, for then start the
recordings during the late summer of 2011.

The old line-up with Paolo Cito, Pablo Magallanes, Walter Basile  and Harry Virtanen.

    They release their first Ep, called Moonchild, on the 7th November 2011.
Recorded, mixed and  mastered by the renowned guitarist and sound engineer
Mike Wead, it brings 3 new songs and the band’s version of the King Crimson
song - the title track Moonchild.

Off of the photo sessions for the Ep "Moonchild"

Xavier Aguilar

The band goes through some line-up changes in 2012. Pablo Magallanes couldn't continue in the band and was replaced by Xavier Aguilar on the lead guitar. They also have an official violin player, who became the band's vocalist, called Sebastian Rosengren.

Sebastian Rosengren.

Jocke Wallgren

 In January 2013 drummer Walter Basile leaves the band due to personal reasons. In his place comes Jocke Wallgren.

Shortly after their first gig in February 2014 drummer Jocke Wallgren left the band.

Morito Ergo Sum is currently working on new material for an upcoming full-length.

Morito Ergo Sum 2014 (from left to right): Harry Virtanen, Paolo Cito, Jocke Wallgren, Xavier Aguilar and Sebastian Rosengren.