söndag 6 februari 2011

What's going on - February 2011

Long time since I wrote the last "what's going on" update. That's due to the fact that there was a lot going on but nothing actually happening.

Apart from the new members, Pablo and Alexander, we've been busy, trying to coordinate our schedules to rehearse, finding a drummer (who make us loose quite a lot of precious time waiting for people that showed interest and then disappeared), and working on the new songs.

These new songs will hopefully be released sometime this year, around summer's end. It's still not clear if they will be included in another demo, or in an Ep. There are four songs right know - 1 older one (that almost got in the I die, therefore I am demo), 2 relatively newer ones, and 1 really interesting cover (that I will keep it as a secret for the moment). They are all in different stages of the writing process, some are basically ready, others are missing small details, as, for example, guitar solos, and others needs vocals and/or lyrics.

The tricky part now is to try to maintain the same level of compositions, as the last demo received a great response. On the Bandcamp page alone it has exceeded 350 downloads in 4 months! This week I will be sending the last Cd's for reviewing. It's another chapter that ends. Then it will be all focus on the new songs and eventual recording of them.

For those interested in having a physical copy of the I die, therefore I am demo, there is still a few Cd's left. Just write me making your order. Only the shipping will be charged.


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  1. helo¡ helo¡¡
    my name is joe and i am from Argentina (Sudamerica)
    I need contact to "Walter Basile". Please :)

  2. I love your demo, it is so beautiful and melancholic. I will be featuring the demo on the newest episode of my doom podcast Crestfallen. It will be available Thursday at crestfallenradio.podomatic.com
    Thank you for making grea