söndag 24 april 2011

What's going on - April 2011 - A band with a plan.

Last Friday we did for the first time a rehearsal with Walter - our singer - on the drums. Being a very experienced drummer, it sounded like he always have played drums on Morito Ergo Sum! He played flawlessly and we sounded tight and heavy as hell! We even tried out some of the new songs and they sounded surprisingly good, having in mind they were being played for the first time by the whole band.

The reason why we decided to rehearse with Walter on the drums is part of our plan to record our upcoming Ep with him being both the singer and the drummer. We have already found someone who is going to do the mixing and mastering, and his name will be announced very soon. The recordings will probably be done in July or August, but is too early right now to talk about a release date.

Our lead guitarist Pablo Magallanes will go on a world tour with Demonical next month, and when he is back, we will start rehearsing for good the new songs with Walter on drums and start to prepare ourselves for the Ep.

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