lördag 25 juni 2011

What's going on - June 2011 - New bassist!

This month brings exciting news for the band: we have a new bass player. Unfortunately things didn't worked  out with Alexander, and we wish him very good luck with his other band! In his place comes the ultra-experienced Harry Virtanen. He is the guitar player of the thrash metal band Vörgus, and plays bass in Electric Mayhem, among many others. Apart from being a great guitarist and bassist, he is also Mike Wead's  personal guitar-tech on tour with both Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.

The rehearsals for the pre-production of the Ep are going great, we get tighter every week, and Pablo (Magallanes - Lead Guitar) have already began to deliver some freaking amazing solos! The recordings are scheduled to be done around the end of July - beginning of August, and we are pretty damn excited about it!

Below a picture taken this week during a break in the rehearsal place with the new line-up:

From left to right: Paolo Cito (Guitar), Pablo Magallanes (Lead Guitar), Walter Basile (Drums/Vocals) and Harry Virtanen (Bass).


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