lördag 27 augusti 2011


After we recorded all the instruments and vocals, we realized we would not have much studio time to record the violins. So we decided to do that a few days later at Walter's apartment. Unfortunately, although Walter did a great work setting up the microphone and everything else needed to such home recording, the violinist's performance was not up to our standards.

We had to made the hard decision to not use the violins recorded in Stockholm for the Ep.Then we had a big problem in our hands and lot's of questions: how to find another violinist? Will we find another violinist? Should we not use violins at all?

So we started to contact some musicians that play/played in other Doom Metal bands asking for help. And the saving recommendation came from one of my all time favorite Metal violinists, former My Dying Bride member, Martin Powell! Unable to do the work for us, he recommended the talented Elle Torry, who  promptly accepted to do the job.

Elle Torry
From the moment I heard Elle playing I had no doubt she would do a great job. She was very easy to work with, incredibly fast (only 4 days from the very first contact with her to the receiving of the track files), and she understood exactly what she should play even with the scarce amount of information I gave her. A real professional!

Yesterday we took some band pictures to be used in the Ep's artwork. Mixing and mastering process ongoing. We are almost there!


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