söndag 31 juli 2011

Studio Day 2 - Rythm guitars and bass

Day 2 began with me and Pablo recording the rhythm guitars for 3 of the 4 songs. As the songs are quite long, and we doubled our guitars, that took a long time. It was hard but fun work to do, specially when you are playing in such a great guitar amp as is the Peavey JSX! It was my first time recording as a guitarist (I am originally a bassist), and it was a bit of a challenge to  control that beast, but in the end everything worked well.

Me and the "beast".
Mr. Mike Wead doing his magic.

Pablo and the "Doom Rig"
  Harry also had the time to record his bass, and that meant that we are making quite a quick progress, which is good, because that studio is hot as hell!

Harry "Salvatore" Virtanen
Today we will record the rhythm guitars for the last song, as well as all the clean guitars and hopefully start doing the solos. In the meantime, here is a short video with some footage from the studio:


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