måndag 1 augusti 2011

Studio Day 3 - More guitars, more bass.

This was by far the most productive day! We recorded a whole song, put a few details in previously recorded songs, added all the clean guitars, all melodies, some more bass and fixed some feedbacks.

Pablo Magallanes recording.
Even with the busy day we had I managed to film a little bit of Pablo doing his parts:

Listening to what we did so far last night put a HUGE smile on our faces. It sounds great already, even before the mixing and mastering, and that was exactly the idea: to make all the instruments to sound as good as possible during the recording process, giving a more natural and old school sound to them. Mike Wead really knows how to push those buttons, that's for sure!

Today is our last day in the studio, and we will record the vocals and, hopefully, the guitar solos also! 


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